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Dept: Land acquisition for public purposes

KUCHING:  Referring to news reports posted in the social media recently, the Land and Survey Department explained yesterday the purpose of land acquisition was for public use and interest.

In a press statement released yesterday, the department added: “Land acquisition is something that is inevitable to the government in order to implement projects for public use, such as providing infrastructure including the proposed LRT project implementation in Kuching City.  Land acquisition is common  in the world, including in Peninsular Malaysia and Sarawak for the implementation of public  projects.

“Prior to land acquisition, land likely to be involved with the proposed LRT project should be placed under Section 47 of the State Land Code. This is to enable detailed studies   to be conducted before the LRT alignment is finalised and the land is identified.”

The department added that pieces of land not involved would be released from Section 47 while for the affected land, the land acquisition process and compensation payment pursuant to Part IV of the State Land Code  would be initiated.

“Basically, it is also the practice of the state government to ensure that Section 47 is reviewed after two years of placement and it will be released if it is not necessary.

“Based on the information obtained, the Kuching City LRT project was not dismissed but   postponed. “Nevertheless, the government is conducting a final review of the route and the LRT alignment to determine the actual land involved should the project be started later.

“The implementation of the LRT project is one of the government’s strategies to overcome the traffic congestion in  Kuching City and its surroundings, especially those involving the Kota Samarahan-Kuching route where traffic congestion occurs every time.

“With regard to the renewal of the letters of title throughout the areas likely to be involved with the LRT ranks, the final decision on such an application will be made after the LRT rank is finalised.

“Based on records, only five  applications were rejected in the areas. However, landowners may resubmit their applications after the LRT line is finalised,” said the department.

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