FAS can deal officially with newly-registered GB

KUCHING: Sarawak Football Association (FAS) president Dato Posa Majais said he and the FAS executive committee (exco) line-up would like to congratulate GB13 for being officially registered as an official organisation in Malaysia. Through a recent press release, Posa said through the registration, GB13 is now a formal organisation and enable FAS to deal officially with GB13.

“The effort also showed that GB13 is stepping up to professionalism, although I’m a little bit amused by their video footage of myself when I was invited to discuss on Sarawak football during a luncheon session at one of hotels in Kuching a few months ago,” said Posa.

With their status as an official organisation, it facilitates the FAS to deal with ‘official’ matters with GB13 and their leadership on rules and regulations in future. “I and the FAS leadership will continue with thousands of Sarawak football fans all over Malaysia to do their best for the sake of Sarawak football,” added Posa.

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