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Forty pupils partake in Leadership Camp

THE participating pupils posing with the accompanying teachers and facilitators of the Leadership Camp held at UiTM Mukah on October 7 to 8.

MUKAH: Forty pupils from a religious school in the district took part in the Leadership Camp held at UiTM Sarawak Mukah Campus, over the weekend. The two -da y c amp f ro m October 7 to 8 was organised by UiTM Sarawak Mukah Campus (UiTM Mukah) and SK(Agama) Majlis Islam Sarawak Mukah. Themed `Cemerlang Bestari, Terbilang Pasti’, the event was dubbed a s `Kem Pimpina n Pengawas, Ketua Kelas, Penolong Ketua Kelas & Imam Muda 2017’.

It was conducted by nineteen facilitators from UiTM Mukah and a speaker from SMK Kampung Nangka Sibu, Ismadi Bin Johari, who delivered a parental talk entitled `Sesi Tautan Kasih’.

The objectives of the camp, among others were, to develop a distinctive character and to inculcate the leadership attitude to enable them to discharge their duties as class monitors, to posses the interpersonal leadership to assist them to communicate effectively with other pupils, to produce credible class monitors, class assistants and Imam Muda so that they would become a model for others, and to be mentally strong to face various tasks shouldered.

“Besides these, the camp is also aimed at producing leadership character and to develop class monitor and assistant and a postural Imam Muda. At the same time it aims to train them so that they realise that cooperation, punctually as well as physical and mental strength are vital in facing the challenging tasks ahead,” said a spokesperson, who only wished to be known as Cikgu Hayati.

The rationale of holding the programme was following the observation made on these pupils that showed the appointed class monitors, assistants and even Imam Muda were unable to execute their tasks effectively as required.

It was said that the lack of exposure among the pupils was believed to be the contributor of that ineffectiveness which prompted this school to hold such camp.

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