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Gedong Gators beat Tawau but fail to reach q-finals

KUCHING: Gedong Gators (Kuching FA) failed to reach the quarterfinals of the National Level People’s Football League (LBR) quarter-final 2017/2018 despite breaking Tawau team’s unbeaten run through a 3-1 victory (3-1) in Group D’s final match at the Sarawak Stadium, Petra Jaya on Saturday. However, the full points failed to put the squad under coach Helearn Ak Wilfred (head coach) through into the top eight.

This was due to a win with the same margin by their rivals, Miri FA over Keningau with an away match held on the same day. Miri FA advanced to the quarter- finals with one point more (10 points) than Gedong Gators (Kuching FA) who collected nine points after their last game.

“We accept the fact of failing to reach the quarter-finals despite that the players have won the last match in the group stage. “Whatever, congratulations to all the players because they have shown a great and high spirit throughout the game,” said assistant coach Yusuf Toni, commending the players performances which have improved significantly.

Three goals from Gedong Gators (Kuching FA) were scored by Ahmad Mubin Hamlet in the 19th minute and Mohd Affendi Shamsuri in the 24th and 48th minutes. Tawau’s goal was scored by Mohd. Azmi Abdul Luis.

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