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Grass cutter, chainsaw carted away in store break-in

MIRI:  A store room of a house in Taman Tunku was ransacked by burglars on Wednesday.

In the incident, burglars carted away a grass cutter and a chainsaw worth a total of RM3,000.

The break-in unfolded on Wednesday morning at 6.30am after the house owner woke up and was suspicious after seeing the door of the store room ajar.

The house owner in her 60s then immediately inspected the store room and was stunned to see a grass cutter and a chainsaw inside the room missing.

She then immediately alerted her husband on the incident.

Both of them later went to the Miri Central Police Station (CPS) to lodge a report of the break-in.

In a separate case, a 65-year-old woman lodged a police report after she was duped by an individual who claimed to be a policeman from Miri Police Narcotic Department who promised to help bail out her son.

According to a source, the woman had received a call from the ‘policeman’ at 8pm last Sunday who introduced himself as ‘Mr Lee’ and promised to release her son out of Lambir Prison if she deposited RM3,000 into a given bank account number.

Believing that the ‘policeman’ could help to release her son from prison, the woman then deposited the sum requested into a given bank account number about 45 minutes after receiving the call before she went to the Miri Police Narcotic Department office here.

Unfortunately upon arrival at the Miri Police Narcotic Department office she went around looking for a policeman named ‘Mr Lee’ but was told that there was no one by that name working in the department.

After realising that she has been cheated, the woman lodged a police report on the case.

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