High turnout for voters vital, says Fadillah

KUCHING: Although Barisan Nasional machinery is working very hard and the response received from the voters and people in Petra Jaya seem to be giving victory to Barisan Nasional, Datuk Seri Haji Fadillah Yusof said yesterday, it was still too early to feel comfortable.

“We are not sitting down comfortably especially if the confidence of victory sometime makes people do not want to go out to vote.

“So, now  it is to ensure that the machinery will remind and ensure the voters go to vote to fulfil their rights and we need high turnouts,” Fadillah said.

He told reporters this when met after offficiating at the presentation of prizes to winners of State-Level Mathematics and Science Olympiad Competition 2018  and handing of National Geographic STEM Project at the Auditorium of State Education Department at Petra Jaya in Kuching yesterday.

Fadillah advised voters to be wary of last minute attempts by the oppositions as there are alot of things that they could spin to influence the voters.

“Yes,  indeed, we are aware because even from before there are various tricks planned by opponents including distributing baseless matters and because of that it is quite critical for our machinary to see and observe in every part of our area. There are matters that can be distributed that are actually raised to incite the voters against the Barisan Nasional government particularly,” he said.

Fadillah who is defending the Petra Jaya parliamentary seat is being challenged by Amanah candidate Datuk Dr Nor Irwan Ahmat Nor and PAS candidate Hamdan Sani.

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