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MACC identifies three main causes of corruption in M’sia

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has identified the procurement and enforcement sectors as well as individuals with power who have vested interest as the major contributors to corruption in the country. MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations)said corruption involving procurement and individuals with vested interest were linked, as the individuals concerned had the authority to approve projects.

“These are among the reasons for leakages in the country’s economy, whether it be money lost due to corruption, or money not collected due to this crime (bribery),” he said after coming on as a guest on the #SPRM360 programme on Bernama Radio here yesterday. Azam said, however, the MACC remained committed to handling high-profile cases that resulted in such leakages. “We do not want such crimes to cause more of the country’s money to be lost. “Although corruption in our country can be considered to be serious, it can still be controlled. With the cooperation of the people and the MACC, it can be eradicated,” he said.

Meanwhile, when asked why former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak was not subjected to wear MACC’s orange-coloured lock-up attire, Azam said the use of lock-up attire and handcuffs for suspects of corruption cases was upon the discretion of the investigating officer. “Najib is not the only one who wasn’t subjected (to the orange attire and handcuffs). Many others have also not been made to wear them. People ask why.

It is the discretionary power of the investigating officer. On Thursday, Najib pleaded not guilty in the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court over 25 charges of corruption and money laundering. The court allowed Najib bail at RM3.5 million to be paid in stages until Sept 28.

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