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Malaysia cannot have own fighter jet yet – Mat Sabu

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia does not have the capability yet, especially in terms of the financial aspect, to have its own fighter jet, the Dewan Rakyat was told yesterday. Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu said though researchers feel that Malaysia can produce a fighter jet in 2020, it will also depend on the country’s financial capacity.

“In the country’s attempt to manufacture an aircraft, for example, we have been able to manufacture a passenger aircraft, but small in size. If we want to manufacture about 50 units, it is just not economical, so we have to mass produce but where can we sell them?” he asked.

He was responding to a supplementary question from Datuk Dr Abd Latiff Ahmad (BN-Mersing) who wanted to know whether the ministry will be keen to collaborate with a university that has the expertise but not enough capital, to be coordinated with members of the Malaysian Defence Industry Council (MIPM), to enable the self-reliance policy to be expedited.

Meanwhile, in his reply to another supplementary question from Ahmad Fadhli Shaari (PAS-Pasir Mas) on the capability of the fighter jets of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) in operations and warfare, Mohamad reminded all quarters not to look down on the capability of the MAF. The MAF equipment is sufficient, in good condition and ready for use in the event of a war, he said. “We will not go to war with any country, but we are fully prepared, and our military personnel are in high spirits. If it (military equipment) is in a state of disrepair, we will fix it,” he said. -Bernama

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