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Man claims son nearly abducted

KUCHING: A worried father lodged a police report claiming that his son was nearly abducted by strangers who came in a car outside their house at Taman Sejoli, Petra Jaya near here last Tuesday afternoon.

The father, a contractor aged 45 said he returned home from work at 6pm his 11-yearold son told him that two men came in a car to their house at about 1pm. The car windows were heavily tinted so the boy walked closer to the car to take a look at the driver and passenger.

It was then that the car door was opened and a man tried to pull the boy inside the car.  However, the boy’s screams attracted the attention of a passing motorcyclist who stopped to help the boy while the car sped off from the scene.

After the incident, the boy immediately ran into the house and locked the main door. The father said he could not understand why someone would want to abduct his son. 

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