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Michelin could be cooking up a Red Guide for Thailand

From the USA to Bangkok, the international media is buzzing with the idea that of an upcoming Michelin Red Guide to the cuisine of the Land of Smiles. The rumour appears to be based on credible information, but Michelin declined to comment on the matter when contacted by Relaxnews.

Asian media is reporting that Michelin could release its first ever guide to the cuisine of Thailand at the end of the year. The Thai government has reportedly approved a budget of 143.5 million Baht to support Michelin’s arrival with a Red Guide that will, in the long term, cover all of the country, from Chiang Mai to the islands.

However, Asian news outlets suggest that Michelin’s Thai adventure could come in several stages, starting with a guide dedicated to the capital, Bangkok. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is reportedly tasked with helping to organise the project, which could give rise to a guide by the end of the year.

The rumour has naturally raised a great deal of interest. The Michelin Guide has been present in Hong Kong/Macao for nine years. However, Michelin has been boosting its presence in Asia in recent years, with first edition guides to Singapore launched in July and Seoul, South Korea, in November 2016.

Thailand is currently absent from the Red Guide line-up although the country’s cuisine is internationally recognised. Plus, the Red Guide proved particularly enthusiastic about street food in its recent Singapore edition. That could bode well for Thailand, where food is also enjoyed on the spur of the moment, on street corners, seasoned with an array ingredients and a selection of sauces all tossed up in battered woks.

Australian chef David Thompson hasn’t needed any Thai Michelin stars to make the Nahm restaurant, at the Como Metropolitan Bangkok, an internationally renowned reference. Plus, French chef Arnaud Dunand Sauthier, who heads the gastronomic offering at the luxurious Normandie restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok, brings French haute cuisine in the Thai city.

The list wouldn’t be complete without Gaggan Anand, who has topped the “Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants” list for three years. In fact, the organisers announce each new Asian edition in the city of Bangkok.

Michelin refused to comment on the rumored Thai guide but, as in the kitchen, all good things come to those who wait. – Relaxnews

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