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Miri-Marudi Road construction ahead of schedule

A section of Miri-Marudi Road that has been upgraded by CMS.

MIRI: The construction of the 43.2km Miri – Marudi Road is progressing well ahead of its original 30-month schedule with actual physical progress at 30.80 per cent and 18.27 per cent ahead of the schedule. Assistant Minister of Local Government and Marudi Assemblyman, Datu Dr.Penguang Manggil said CMS road SdnBhd yesterday confirmed that the project is progressing well above the schedule and the project is expected to be completed by March 2019.

“By 25 September, the road upgrading was scheduled to be 12.53 per cent completed but stood at 30.80 per cent completed. “It is scheduled to be completed at 12.53 per cent on September 25 but it stood at 30.80 per cent completed which is equivalent to 18.27 per cent ahead of schedule,” he told reporters after chairing a meeting with headmen from Marudi constituency here, yesterday.

Penguang said the upgrading project began on September 15 last year and in view of the extensive public interest on the upgrading of this road link due to its unsatisfactory condition and growing importance, CMS road volunteered in March 2017 to provide quarterly updates on the project’s progress.

Penguang urged the public to be reasonable as government is doing its best to solve the bad road condition and provides amenities for their benefits and convenience. “I advise the public to be more patient and not to easily trust the information given from social media,” he said.

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