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Sarawak plans to merge 357 schools in rural areas

KUCIHNG: The state government hopes that the federal government will approve its plan to merge 357 low-enrolment schools in the rural areas.

Assistant Minister of Education and Technological Research, Dr Annuar Rapaee said this in response to  a question posed by Batu Danau State Assemblyman Paulus Palu Gumbang during the question-and -answer session at the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting  here yesterday.

Paulus had asked about the government’s plan to merge four schools in the Batu Danau areas.

Annuar revealed that out of the 1404 schools in Sarawak, 1264 were primary schools.

849 of these primary schools were low-enrolment schools with less than 300 pupils, he said.

“It has been our aspiration to merge these schools since the formation of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Research,” added Annuar.

He pointed out that if the schools were merged, all specialised teachers could be assigned to one area. In the long run, such a move could prove to be more cost effective.

Annuar said he was not sure whether the federal government would approve the state goverrnment’s plan to merge the low-enrolment schools.

“But it is interesting to note that at  his press conference, Works Minister, Baru Bian  emphasised three things, namely, hospitals, roads  and schools. With that, there is still hope the plan may get the green light.”

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