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Sarawak’s first Upside Down House launched

Dato Lim Kian Hock (right), Brendan Kon (left), and Jane Lian Labang (centre) posing for a photograph after the launch of Kuching Upside Down House yesterday.

KUCHING: The state now has its first Upside Down House which is located in the city centre here.

Generally an Upside Down House is a building that has been constructed upside down, with everything inside fitted… upside down.

This gimmick has been the rave of locals and also tourists visiting Malaysia in the last three to five years where there have been many attractions like this mushrooming all over Malaysia.

Kuching Upside Down House owner Brendan Kon said that idea of  setting up the gallery was inspired by his visits to interesting places locally and internationally.

“It’s not just upside down pictures but rooms of upside down interior and furniture that will surely make you tipsy,” he said at the opening of Kuching Upside Down House (behind Tune Hotel at Kuching Waterfront) yesterday.

An interior of Kuching Upside Down House, where visitors can take a photograph or a selfie with friends and family.

Brendan hopes to give tourism industry in Sarawak and Malaysia a boost through his gallery.

“It is indeed my goal actually to bring this gallery back to Sarawak, and let everyone have fun. One of the objectives of setting up an Upside Down House in Kuching is to give the locals and tourists a whole new fun and mind blowing experience and happy memories  for being in Kuching.

“This gallery is very suitable to all level of communities, from the young, old and families where they have the opportunity to take photo while having fun and with creative posing,” he said.

Sarawak Tourism Federation advisor Dato Lim Kian Hock (third left) officiating at the opening of Kuching Upside Down House. With him are Founder of Upside Down House Kuching Brendan Kon (second left) and Chairman for Sarawak Association Tourism Association (SATA) Jane Lian Labang (right). PHOTOS: MOHD ALIF

He also said that the gallery consists of a living room, dining room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, children bedroom and a home office.

“Apart form  the experience, we have attractive merchandises and local souvenirs which help to promote Sarawak unique cultures and attractions,” he said.

Brendan said there are more fun stuffs coming up in the second phase of Kuching Upside Down House

“It will be more unusual, more unique and more educational and mind blowing,” he said.

Entry fees for locals are at RM15 per adult and RM10 per child. For foreigners, they are at RM20 per adult and RM15 per child.

Kuching Upside Down House is now having an opening promotion drive and locals need to pay only RM12 per adult and RM8 per child.

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