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Small Town Art Market is back!

AVL Art who specialises in doodle art will be at the Market as well.

MARIK by Entayang will make an appearance at the Market with their tribal beaded accessories.

THE Small Town Art Market vendors.

FLINT and Steel (Small Town Art Market Founders).

THE Small Town Art Market is back for the 6th time; on the upcoming November 25, from 2pm to 10pm at The Granary Kitchen + Bar, Wayang Street, Kuching. This time round, our truly local event has plenty of treats in store, including multiple musical and dance performances, and most importantly, a total of close to 40 vendors, making this the largest and most diverse Small Town Art Market yet! The range of products includes illustrations, fashion, pins, maps, flowers, jewelry, books, snacks crochet, penan baskets and more! The theme of the market is Pop Art, ensuring that the event will be vibrant and colourful – with Pop Art installations as well as Pop Art products on sale.

The Pop Art theme serves as a creative way to colourfully tie together the music, the venue, and of course the vendors – making this an event that no one wants to miss out on.

Being exactly one month out from Christmas, plenty of festivities will be incorporated into the event; from live Christmas music to festive decorations, making Small Town Art Market 6.0 an ideal place to shop for christmas presents for friends and family. With such a wide range of products available that appeal to all ages, shoppers are surely able to find presents for the whole family.

WowBooth, Kuching’s favourite photo booth, will be making an appearance again at Small Town Art Market 6.0. Do bring along friends and family to get your photos taken and receive a free printout, courtesy of WowBooth! And with special thanks to Uber, all rides to and from Small Town Art Market 6.0 will be discounted RM5. Due to public demand, this edition of Small Town Art Market will be running for an extended period of time, until 10pm.

During which, shoppers will be constantly entertained by a number of local music and dance performances. Musical acts for the event include singers Laura Munan and Steff Fleur and male trio Soundholic. As well as these, dance battles and performances hosted by Kuching Youth Jam will take place all afternoon, keeping Small Town Art Market 6.0 lively and upbeat, fitting with our Pop Art theme.

The Pop Art movement represents an iconic period in art history, between the 1950s and 70s, which saw a shift away from traditional fine arts, to an art form that draws inspiration from commonplace items and celebrates everyday life, transforming popular culture into fine arts.

This coincides with “The Maker” culture, which is equally important to the theme of Small Town Art Market 6.0, as it represents a contemporary culture that is taking the world, especially Kuching, by storm. Maker Culture encourages boldness and risk-taking, and has sparked a new wave of ‘Kitchen Table Entrepreneurs’ that are using their own practical skills to turn their hobbies into profitable businesses.

In particular, this social phenomenon has seen a dramatic increase in the number of female entrepreneurs. With many of our vendors being businesses owned and run by females, it is very exciting to say that Small Town Art Market 6.0 serves as proof of this incredible cultural movement! Pictures of People is a Pop Culture exhibition that will be on display at Small Town Art Market 6.0, by Flint and Steel’s very own Marilyn Ang.

The installation will feature a display of pop art illustrations she constructed, inspired by people in her life. The inspiration behind her work stems from a special place; the idea that as individuals, we are a product of all the people we know. It symbolises the importance of people in life, no matter whether they are strangers, new friends, or people you know like the back of your hand. Her belief is that everyone around you plays a unique role in shaping who you are as a person, by inspiring you, in ways both good and bad, to be your best self.

Pictures of People is therefore a collection of illustrations inspired by the people in Marilyn’s life, that have each impacted her in one way or another. People, being relevant to everyone’s lives, makes Pictures of People a very relatable exhibition for everyone at Small Town Art Market 6.0 to appreciate and enjoy.

Don’t miss it! For more information and further enquiries, the Small Town Art Market team can be contacted through their social media accounts. Just type in Small Town Art Market on Facebook or Instagram: @smalltownartmarket.

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