NGO adds another family under its care

To the uninitiated eye, this five-year-old child looks physically normal. But Teo You Feng is no ordinary child. An unfortunate incident changed this little boy’s life forever after he accidentally drank car coolant when he was three.

KUCHING: Hope Place Kuching has recently taken five-year-old Teo You Feng and his family under its care. 

The non-governmental organisation (NGO) explained that an untoward incident changed You Feng’s life forever.

“The unfortunate incident happened when Ah Feng accidentally drank car coolant when he was about three years old.

“Because of the highly acidic content, Ah Feng’s digestive system was damaged severely, and he is now using a feeding tube.

“The Sarawak General Hospital (SGH) was quick to refer Ah Feng and his family to us for assistance,” Hope Place said on Thursday.

“Ah Feng lives with his father, Teo Kuet Hai, 34, his mother, Floryn Cary, 27, and two older siblings as well as his grandparents in Stutong Baru.

“At first, we thought that Ah Feng would be a weak and sickly boy due to his condition, but we were surprised to find that Ah Feng is very active and cheerful.

“Sadly, Ah Feng no longer can enjoy solid food like everyone else.”

Hope Place said Kuet Hai had his salary drastically cut after the pandemic movement control order.

“Ah Feng’s father, who works in construction, can only work two to three days per week and with Ah Feng’s condition, he has to provide special milk powder and bring his son for treatment at SGH twice a month.

“As such, we are supplying Ah Feng with the special milk powder and food aid for the whole family.

“We would like to thank all sponsors and donors.”