NGO brings hope to single mum

Hope Place Kuching founder Kelvin Wan and his team during a simple food assistance handover to Norazlina and her children.

KUCHING: A single mother with six children has reached out to Hope Place Kuching for help in light of the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Hope Place in a statement today said Norazlina Nasir, 35, is unemployed and unable to find a job because no one can take care of her young children.

“As the month of Ramadan is drawing near with many excited and getting ready for it, there are still many who are struggling to make ends meet.

“We recently received a distress call from a single mother asking for food assistance for her young children. Norazlina’s children are between the age of one and a half to nine years old.

“She has a pair of twins who are a handful and still needs to be looked after,” Hope Place said.

Hope Place added that Norazlina and her six children were staying with a friend in Foochow Road.

“She has no one to depend on except for her friend’s kindness and generosity. She has received a one-off contribution of RM2,000 from Baitulmal last November but with the rent to pay and many mouths to feed, the money was soon gone.

“We have provided her with basic food assistance and also milk powder for her babies. We hope that this support will help Norazlina and her children to have a better as well as happier Ramadan ahead,” Hope Place said.