Nine ERT members lauded for quick action

Khirudin (second right) presenting certificates of appreciation to Sejingkat Power Point Corporation ERT members at Sarawak Bomba HQ, Jalan Setia Raja, Kuching.

Sejingkat Power Point Corporation 

KUCHING: Nine members of the Sejingkat Power Point Corporation Emergency Response Team (ERT) earned certificates of appreciation for their quick action during a fire that occurred on Thursday.

They received their certificates from Sarawak Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) director Khirudin Drahman yesterday at the Bomba HQ, Jalan Setia Raja here.

On Thursday at around 6am, Bomba received a distress call pertaining to a turbine head fire at the Sejingkat Power Point Station, Jalan Bako.

The Sejingkat Power Point Corporation ERT sprung into action, carrying out evacuation action as well as extinguishing the blaze at the scene.

Khirudin commended the team for controlling the fire before firefighters arrived at the scene.

“In the first five minutes of the fire, their actions were effective in which the fire control and fire spread method was executed correctly.

He pointed out the importance of having an ERT, to ensure that a minor incident did not accelerate into a major one.

“ERTs are important because in a large factory or a plant, there are risks. We must ensure that the risk taken is a calculated risk and when an incident occurs, they are able to minimise the effect.”

Meanwhile, Sejingkat Power Corporation operations manager Mohd Narzam Jaafar said the ERT was on duty 24 hours a day according to schedule.

“The ERT is very important because we understand that every time, when there is an emergency, we cannot expect the authorities to get there as soon as possible.

“It’s very important for us to take the initial action as what Khirudin mentioned, the first five minutes of an incident is very important,” he told reporters after the ceremony.