No critical cases in Sibu from July 25 to Aug 7

Dr Annuar during the daily Covid-19 virtual update for the Sibu district.

SIBU: No critical Covid-19 cases were reported in the Sibu division between July 25 and August 7.

Sibu Divisional Disaster Management Committee (SDDMC) coordinator, Dr Annuar Rapaee said most were Level 1 and Level 2 patients.

He was providing a virtual update on the daily Covid-19 cases in the Sibu district on his social site on Saturday (Aug 7).

Dr Annuar, who is the Assistant Minister of Local Government and Housing, explained that Level 1patients were asymptomatic while Level 2 patients suffered from mild symptoms such as colds and coughs only.

“But there is no pneumonia. These patients do not require hospital treatment.

“However, Levels 3, 4 and 5 patients are symptomatic cases that require hospital treatment,” he said.

Dr Annuar said Covid-19 vaccines could reduce critical Covid-19 cases. 

He added that Sarawak had achieved a vaccination rate of 70 percent with the number of Covid-19 positive cases requiring hospitalisation drastically reduced.

The Nangka assemblyman, however, pointed out that vaccination did not fully protect the community from the Covid-19 virus.

Thus, he urged all members of the community who had received the vaccine to continue adhering to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and to remain vigilant at all times.

“We have to continue to be careful because the virus can mutate. We must remember that. Whatever it is, we have to remain vigilant, especially in the workplace,” he said.

He urged any individual who had not been vaccinated yet to register now on a walk-in basis.

On Saturday, the Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) reported 28 positive cases in the Sibu district. 

According to Dr Annuar, out of the 28 cases reported, 11 cases involved the workplace.

Dr Annuar during the daily Covid-19 virtual update for the Sibu district.