No flood evacuation centres opened

The flood situation at Rumah Nelson Ningkan.

MIRI: No flood evacuation centres were opened despite several areas in the northern parts of Sarawak being inundated by floodwaters today (Sept 3).

A spokesperson from the State Fire Department operations centre informed that the flood situation is still under control as some areas are experiencing receding waters and some are experiencing rising waters.

The flood situation at Rumah Nelson Ningkan.

So far, no evacuation centres opened as the residents were able to go about with their daily activities.

Among the flooded areas includes Rumah Nelson Ningkan and Rumah Bulin Nyalu in Sungai Saeh, Batu Niah; Rumah Richard Pai, Rumah Enggu Bakas, Rumah Jambai, and Rumah Lingu in Sibuti; and Sungai Dabai, Jalan Hii Nguan Sing in Taman Gordon Hill, and Kampung Dagang, Jalan Nakhoda in Marudi.

In addition, the Telang Usan District Office also reported rising water levels at Jalan Layang-Layang and Long Lama town due to receding water from upstream.

Meanwhile in Sibu, patrol firemen found that Jalan Salim-Dudong was flooded with 1.2 feet of water and vehicles were still able to pass through.

For Jalan Dudong-Stabau, it was inaccessible by vehicles as the road was flooded with up to three feet of water.

The spokesperson noted that the team have advised road users to turn back and use alternative routes for their own safety.