No more swab tests to enter the Bintulu for jabbed visitors

Jack Aman Luat

BINTULU: There is no longer any need for individuals who have been fully vaccinated to undergo the rT-PCR swab test if they want to enter the Bintulu Division starting today (Sept 18).

Confirming the matter, Bintulu Divisional Disaster Management Committee (DDMC) chairman Jack Aman Luat said his party had decided to follow the instructions issued by the Sarawak State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) on Friday (Sept 17).

He said Bintulu, like other divisions, should abide by the SDMC decision that the rT-PCR swab test was no longer required by those who had completed two doses of Covid-19 vaccine as Sarawak had achieved herd immunity.

However,  those who had not yet been vaccinated had to the submit rT-PCR swab test results as well as police permits to cross sections to ensure they were free from the virus infection, he added.

“Currently, all cross-divisional instructions, including entry into Bintulu, are similar to other parts of the state, thus facilitating the movements of all parties,” added Jack.

Previously, Bintulu was the only one in the state that required individuals to undergo an rT-PCR swab test if they wanted to enter the division.

In fact, this requirement also raised various complaints among the public who considered it burdensome due to high costs and so on.