Harden reaching out to the community.

SIMANGGANG: Datuk Francis Harden Hollis said Simanggang folk should not take the risk of choosing a new face as their people’s representative in the coming state election.

Harden, the current Simanggang assemblyman, added that the existing reps were still excellent and eager to serve the constituents.

“There are records of good service in developing infrastructure in Simanggang, which has been recognised by majority of the people who see the development in their respective areas.

“The people need to evaluate and be grateful for the excellent leadership of their elected representatives, who maintained the development momentum in the area.

“Someone who has proven to be experienced, is a gem that should be known and defended by the people,” he said during a visit to his constituency.

Harden meeting residents of Rh Igai Janting, Nyakai Atas, Jalan Paip, Sri Aman on Sunday (Aug 9).

The people were also told that Harden’s experience and interaction at the top level in the Sarawak Cabinet, must be taken into account because any decision voiced by him would get the attention of the top leaders.

Harden, who is also Community Wellbeing Assistant Minister, further pointed out that reaching out to people in need was a must to ensure their wellbeing.

He noted that such a thing was not done seasonally when the election season approached.

“Which is why the tuai rumah’s role as a grassroots leader, needs to be aware, act wisely and unite on behalf of the government that is appointed to curb the opposition’s propaganda that distorted the issue.

“There are individuals who move to promote themselves when election nears and I hope that the people will not be deceived,” he said.

Harden reaching out to the community.