No need to politicise Chinese independent schools allocation

Milton Foo

KUCHING: Pasir Mas MP Ahmad Fadhli Shaari has been told that there is no need to sensationalise the RM15 million allocation for Chinese independent schools.

Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) Youth secretary-general Milton Foo said it was valid for an MP to question the Education Ministry as to how much allocation was provided to private tahfiz schools during the pandemic, but without the need to sensationalise the amount given to the Chinese independent schools and demand for an explanation.

“Education must transcend politics, let alone be confused with race and religion. Schools from different streams should be treated fairly and equitably, be it national schools, Tamil schools, Chinese schools, tahfiz schools and mission schools,” he said on Monday (Oct 4).

He was responding to Ahmad Fadhli’s remarks in urging the Education Ministry to explain the allocation, and also the allocation provided to private tahfiz schools throughout the pandemic.

Ahmad Fadhli, who is also PAS Youth Wing deputy chief, said he had submitted questions pertaining to these matters for the education minister to answer in Parliament.

Foo said it was important not to play politics when it came to education matters.

“This could be destructive to our long- and well-established harmonious society of multi-racial and ethnic with mutual respect to religious beliefs practised by Malaysians since the formation of Malaysia in 1963.”

He said the Sarawak government was very supportive of Chinese independent schools.

“Chinese independent schools in Sarawak have been receiving grants from the state government since 2014 with a RM1 mln increment yearly.

“This comes to a grand total of RM52 mln allocated from 2014 to 2021, of which RM3 mln was given in 2014, followed by RM4 mln in 2015, RM5 mln in 2016, RM6 mln in 2017, RM7 mln in 2018, RM8 mln in 2019, RM9 mln in 2020, and RM10 mln this year.”