No new clues to missing person

SAR operation carried out by MRSC Kuching in progress.

KUCHING: The search and rescue (SAR) operations for the missing Samsudin Beden in Santubong entered its fourth day today without finding any new clues.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) Sarawak director Zin Azman Md Yunus said the area of ​​the search sector covered 100 square nautical miles, from Muara Tebas to Tanjung Sipang and Pulau Satang, involving a total of 131 officers and villagers.

“Land search today (Thursday) began at 10.20am, starting from Damai Golf Club to Teluk Belian by the Land Force comprising various agencies as well as the public and Radio Emergency Drone Squad,” he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the SAR in Kuala Serupai for Mohd Ainul Hadian entered day seventh with no new clues found.

“The number of officers and members involved in the search today (Thursday) is 80 people including villagers,” he explained.

He said both SAR operations began as early as 7am and were coordinated by the Maritime Rescue Sub Centre (MRSC) Kuching alongside PDRM, PDRM Air Operations Force, Marine Police Force, Bomba, Sarawak Marine Fisheries Department and Civil Defence Force (APM).

He also urged the maritime community to avoid going out to sea during bad weather.

“Should there be an urgent need to go out to the sea, prioritise safety by always wearing a safety jacket given the bad weather conditions at sea during this time,” he cautioned.