No walk–in-the-park for councillors

Minos’ term has also been extended.

KUCHING: Covid-19 pandemic or not, it is certainly no rest and no walk-in-the-park for the local councillors, said Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (MPKS) chairman Datuk Peter Minos.

“Whether we are in Covid-19 times or not, the local councils must, by law, handle public wastes, cut the grass, do street-sweeping and street lighting, desludging, road repairing, drain cleaning and the like. Like it or not, the councillors must do these essentials.

“Take it from me speaking as a council chairman — it is very tough and very difficult, but councillors must do it or else the towns and places would be in big and terrible mess,” he said on Saturday (July 24).

He shared that most public complaints received were fair and legitimate, but some were nasty, rude, and at times exaggerated or even false just to spite the councillors.

Nevertheless, he said councillors could not ignore complaints received from the public.

“We do the checking and act as best as possible on the legitimate ones and ignore the nasty or fake ones,” he said.

Minos emphasised that the lives of those in the council such as the councillors and other staff members were certainly difficult and stressful.

“Councillors must of course do the statutory routines, but they are also expected to do more for society,” he added.

During these Covid-19 circumstances, he said councillors must help out in any possible way with regard to the government’s anti-Covid-19 efforts, the vaccination programme, and helping the desperate and truly needy who are adversely affected by the pandemic.

“Not obligatory, but we must do it as a social duty and social responsibility. We cannot leave it to the government to do everything,” he said.

He said councillors were constantly being told by the government to go modern, finding digital and new ways in providing public services.

“Councillors must change with the times and constantly be innovative and creative. Otherwise, they would sadly be left behind,” he said.

Minos advised those hoping and lobbying to be councillors must know their future duties and responsibilities.

He congratulated all councillors throughout Sarawak whose terms have been extended for one year.

“They will be even more serious and dedicated in serving the government and the people,” he said.