None of kindergartens to operate at full capacity due to fears

Kids at a local kindergarten wearing face masks and practising social distancing.
A kindergartener getting her temperature checked prior to entering her classroom.

KOTA SAMARAHAN: The reopening of kindergartens and child-care centres in the green zones of Sarawak beginning on Tuesday has met with mixed responses and reviews.

A survey among kindergarten teachers and parents revealed that almost all kindergartens are not operating at full capacity at the moment because there are lingering fears concerning the safety of the children.

A kindergartener using a hand sanitizer.

A kindergarten proprietor, who requested anonymity, said attendance had been down to 50 percent as most of the parents have opted to cut short their children’s early education this year.

Some parents have also expressed scepticism and unhappiness with the decision to reopen kindergartens. On the other hand, teachers and child minders claimed that parents usually prefer to their kids to be taught at kindergartens instead of undergoing home learning.


Dayang Norliza
DAYANG NORLIZA, Kindergarten teacher

Attendance was only at 63 percent on the first day of reopening. Adherence to the SOPs went smoothly as the children know what to do and they have coped well.

Nurfarahain Redzuan
NURFARAHAIN REDZUAN, Kindergarten teacher

The children seem to take the reopening in stride as they are able to adapt to the new norms quickly. Parents have also responded well as their children can focus more in class than at home.

Nurain Humairah
NURAIN HUMAIRAH, Assistant Admin

I am unhappy with the decision to reopen the kindergartens and child-care centres. Let’s not forget that Kuching was once a green zone and look what has happened?

Muhammad Ramzi Shah

Honestly, I am still skeptical about the reopening of kindergartens and child-care centres. I am still not confident enough to send my daughter to her kindie despite the SOPs and directives.