Not advisable to mix vaccine dose

KUCHING: The vaccine doses from various manufacturers that are being used in vaccinations should not be mixed, says Prof Datuk Dr Andrew Kiyu Dawie.

The Sarawak Covid-19 Advisory Group (Scovag) chairman said this was due to the vaccines being of different types.

“It is not advisable because we know for sure the Russian vaccine is different and with different platform. The Moderna and Pfizer uses RNA while the Sinovac and China vaccine uses the inactivated kind of vaccine.

“My answer is that it is not advisable to mix the doses. But then again, this thing may change based on the evidence from around the world, but at this point it is not advisable,” he said in an online talk on Covid-19 vaccines on Friday (Feb 26).

On the efforts of the authorities to tackle the disinformation on the vaccination, Dr Kiyu said one of it was to get experts to relay the correct information to the public.

“This is part of the new norm of Covid-19 due to social media. While some of the people unknowingly spread false information, there are those who are actively doing it.

“The stand of the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee is they want scientists and experts to talk about this thing.”

He also said that the issues that were propagated and highlighted on the vaccines were mostly in the minority and rare.

“There are those who are in the opposite, but that is not interesting and is not translated as much (in the media).”