Not all Sarawakians on board on resumption of sports and recreational activities

By Aisyah Azzahra Suhiri & Petronella Langita Felix

KUCHING: The decision to allow certain sports and recreational activities to resume in states under Phase Two of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) received mixed reactions from Sarawakians.

In a street poll conducted by New Sarawak Tribune, many sports enthusiasts welcomed it; however, they also insisted that efforts to combat Covid-19 should be given top priority.

Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in announcing the decision said it would take effect from today (Aug 10) onwards.

Among the activities and sports that have been given the green light to resume include jogging, cycling, badminton, hiking, and golfing.

Abg Mohamed Fatihi Abg Abdullah Omri

Abg Mohamed Fatihi Abg Abdullah Omri, Secondary school teacher

It is a good decision as long as everyone plays their part in adhering to the SOP. Personally, especially with cases involving the new variants found in Sarawak, I wouldn’t risk going out for sporting activities.

Nur Qamarina Dullah

Nur Qamarina Dullah, Assistant engineer

I think it’s still safer to opt for home or indoor workouts at the time being. With the airborne Delta variant among us, it’s too risky to go out in public unless everyone is disciplined enough to adhere to the SOP.

Muhammad Aiman Fitri

Muhammad Aiman Fitri, Student

I think regardless of what NRP phase we are in; any outdoor activities should be halted for a while to curb the spread of the new Covid-19 variants such as the Delta variant — which we have yet to know its threat and impact on us.

Sukarmila Sudarjo

Sukarmila Sudarjo, Assistant pharmaceutical officer

Sporting activities are important to keep our sanity intact in challenging times like this. Sports activities will bring relief to many as it helps to maintain our physical and mental health while keeping our body in shape especially with Covid-19 showing no signs of slowing down.

Andi Arjuna Andi Asri

Andi Arjuna Andi Asri, Secondary school teacher

Despite not involving group activities or physical contact, it is best to avoid outdoor activities until there is a significant decrease in the number of cases recorded daily. With the highly infectious Delta variant already in Sarawak, it is easier to get infected while doing outdoor sports because not everyone will comply with the SOP.

Ryan Abing Lian

Ryan Abing Lian, Student

As a badminton enthusiast, I am glad about the announcement so I can look forward to playing badminton outdoors. I think this relaxation is a good alternative for people who have been dreading for fitness centres to reopen, since they can opt out for workouts outdoors.

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