IPOH: The Health Ministry is not making it compulsory for operators of cafe and canteen of public hospitals to use lemongrass straws.

Lemongrass straws

Its Deputy Minister Dr. Lee Boon Chye said the ministry would leave the matter for the operators to decide.

“Nowadays, we have various types of straw, some of them are made of corn and paper. The ministry will not micro-manage, it depends on the operators.

“However, it was a good suggestion, if it does not burden the canteen and cafe operators, it is highly encouraged,” he told reporters after visiting the Bijih Timah Health Clinic here today.

On Wednesday, Kemubu Agricultural Development Authority (Kada) chairman Senator Datuk Husam Musa suggested the use of lemongrass straws at public hospital cafes to replace plastic straws. – BERNAMA