Yap (third right) with the residents and Sarawak Forestry Corporation staff.

KUCHING: Sarawak United People’s party (SUPP) Public Complaints Bureau chief Wilfred Yap has been asked to deal with the recent invasion of crocodiles at Stampin resettlement area here.

Yap, in a statement yesterday, said that the residents had spotted two crocodiles, measuring 10-feet long while the other was four-feet long.

He added that the complaints bureau had notified and highlighted the problem to Sarawak Forestry Corporation for further action.

Following the notification of the crocodile sighting, Sarawak Forestry Corporation had sent two officers who met the residents to inspect and assess the situation.

Yap (third right) with the residents and Sarawak Forestry Corporation staff.

As a preliminary precaution, the corporation would immediately erect a signage to notify the public of the presence of crocodiles in the river of Stampin Resettlement Scheme.

The residents were also advised to refrain from disposing their rubbish into the river.

“When we throw rubbish, everything smells like food to the crocodiles, especially rotten meat. This will entice the reptile to move closer to the resettlement area and condition them to think that the act signifies feeding time.”

Members of the public are reminded not to take matters into their own hands and notify the nearest Sarawak Forestry Corporation office of crocodile sightings in their area as these reptiles are dangerous.

Sarawak Forestry Corporation can be contacted at 0198859996/0168565564 (Kuching), 0198190140/0198894474 (Sibu), 0198223449/0198332737 (Bintulu) and 0198224566/0198290994 (Miri).