KUCHING: Do you know there are house break-in masterminds these days?

Sarawak Community Policing Association (SCPA) chairman Datuk John Lau revealed that house break-in masterminds would normally patrol housing estates to check when house owners would leave their homes or return home.

“After they have done the surveys, then they would ask their own ‘people’ to rob the targeted houses,” he told New Sarawak Tribune yesterday.

Lau urged members of the public to watch out for motorcyclist riders in their neighbourhood and to immediately inform the police of anyone suspicious.

Doing so, he added, would prevent possible house break-ins.

“If possible, quickly take pictures of their vehicles and the number plates and report them to the nearest police station so that the police can investigate further,” advised Lau who had been doing research on house break-ins for the past two years.

He pointed out that sometimes house break-ins were due to the carelessness of house owners.

“Remember to always check your windows and doors as soon as you arrive home, when you are about to go sleep and whenever you leave your house. Make sure they are closed or locked properly,” he said.

To prevent more house break-ins and be the eye and ear of the police, Lau urged members of the public to set up voluntary community policing units.

“Through this, the unit will be able to work with the police closely to inform them of the presence of suspicious persons in the neighbourhoods.

“Let us keep Kuching safe by watching out for strangers in our neighbourhoods,” he said.

Those interested to set up community policing units can contact the association at 082-231559.