Harden (fourth right) and Datin Simba (third right) showed their completed Chinese calligraphy.

SRI AMAN: The Soon Heng Association successfully organised the traditional Chinese calligraphy writing competition and lion eye-dotting ceremony last Saturday.

Held at the Ciyun Temple here, the event was graced by Community Wellbeing Assistant Minister Datuk Francis Harden Hollis, the Simanggang assemblyman.

In his brief address Harden praised the association for nurturing the interest of the younger generation in the community’s heritage.

Harden (fourth right) and  Datin Simba (third right)  showed their completed Chinese calligraphy.

He said efforts such as this will go a long way in keeping traditions alive.

The participants of the calligraphy competition were children and teenagers around Bandar Simanggang. 

Among those present at the ceremony were Datin Simba Nalang; Temenggong Kueh Aik Seng; Soon Heng Association Sri Aman chairman Tay Ah Tee @ Tay Chiew Hua; Calligraphy Association Chung Hua Sri Aman – Betong Division president Voon Sham Choi; and Soon Heng Association Sri Aman secretary Goh Kaw Sze.