Off-season ‘engkalak’ still found around town

By Jay Watson  

KUCHING: Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and the off-season period, the ‘engkalak’ fruits continue to be a hit in the city, driven by strong demand from locals.

This caused fruit stalls like Costello Jawi’s that sells engkalak (scientific name: Litsea garciae) at MJC in Batu Kawa well-patronised by customers.

Costello, 40, said he obtained the fruits from Bau.

“I sell the fruits for RM13 per kilogramme. On average I can sell up to eight kilogrammes every day,” he said when met at his stall recently.

Costello said most of his customers were Ibans.

“The fruits are usually soaked in hot water and only salted before eating just like what is done for ‘dabai’ fruits,” he said.

On how he managed to cope up with the pandemic situation, Costello said it had, in an odd way, led him to find his supply for ‘engkalak’.