Oh, for your ideal eyebrows, eyelashes!

Winny and her eyelash designs

By Zarina Abdullah

KUCHING: If you are not happy with your eyebrows or eyelashes, don’t worry.

Siti Nor Cahaya Yaman, better known as Winny, 27, can help you get the eyebrows and eyelashes you want.

She can curl and lengthen your eyelashes and give you the eyebrows of a beauty queen.

“Having perfect eyebrows and charming eyelashes is the dream of every woman,” said Winny, owner of Winny Beauty Eyelash Extension, one of the most popular eyelashes salon for women in Sarawak.

She began her business with a capital of RM500 in 2017.

“That was my saving. I did not expect to be this successful because all I had was my passion and a year’s working experience in a beauty salon in Mukah as well as a certificate.

“On my return to Kuching, my husband suggested that I should try a business that suited my certificate and interest.

“That was how it started. At that time, I provided house-to-house services around Kuching, Samarahan and only used motorcycles as my main transportation, “she told Suara Sarawak.

Winny doing a customer’s eyebrows.

Now Winny is smiling proudly. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, she can generate around RM4,000 to RM9,000 a month, especially before a festive occasion.

Her regular customers come from as far as Lundu, Betong, Mukah, Miri and even Kuala Lumpur.

According to the mother of three, the price of an eyelash extension is around RM60 to RM150, depending on the type and thickness offered, such as Barbie dolls and cat-eye eyelash extensions.

Since 2018, Winny has been offering eyelash extension courses with certificates. So far, more than 30 people have graduated and opened their businesses.

“Last year, I decided to go for a course on shaping eyebrows and semi-permanent eyebrows.

“There is a demand for these eyebrows from women who have fine, sparse and irregular eyebrows because these can last for six months to two years, depending on the method of care.

“These are not tattoos but a make-up method of embroidering eyebrows to create a painting by filling organic pigments on the skin,” she explained.

Winny said her eyebrow embroidery business had received an encouraging response from the public.

“There are two colour options, namely dark brown and dark brown-grey. 

“To ensure the colour lasts for a long time, customers are not encouraged to wash their faces often,” she said.

“Apart from using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to promote my business, I also give discounts.

“I also give a loyalty card. Every time a customer comes, her card will be stamped and after 10 times, she will get an eyelash extension service for free.

“During the festive season, customers who pay RM100 and above will get a gift,” she said, adding that she planned to open a hair salon after Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

If you are interested, you can go to Winny’s salon at MJC Batu Kawa or visit Winny Beauty Eyelash Extension’s Facebook page.