Remos the handsome goat. Photo: Bernama

KUALA KANGSAR: ‘Handsome’ or ‘charming’ is often used to describe a man with striking features and hardly ever used to describe animals.

Who would have thought, on a farm in Enggor, here there is an animal labelled as a ‘handsome’ goat because of a midline split on its crown and a long white with a hint of yellow beard.

The white-haired goat is one of 17 Saanen goats in the Muhammad Livestock Farm whose pictures have gone ‘viral’ in neighbouring countries.

One of the two farm operators, Ahmad M Fadzir, 21, said the 11-month-old goat, now named Remos, (probably derived from its crested hair) was bought from a supplier in Terengganu in March and at that time there was nothing unique about it.

“Just last month, I took the picture of the goat using the camera, instead of a phone as I used to, then I noticed something different about Remos. I then uploaded it to Facebook,” he said when met by Bernama in his farm here recently.

After sharing a couple of photos of Remos on the Muhammad Livestock Farm Facebook wall, on July 6, they went viral.

Remos the handsome goat. Photo: Bernama

According to Ahmad who manages the farm with his twin brother Muhammad, after taking over the business from their father around 2016, he does not intend to sell Remos even though many have asked with attractive offers.

“I have no intention of selling it because I would like it to breed and this goat has also become our farm’s icon,” said the accounting graduate from Sultan Azlan Shah University here.

Ahmad described Remos as a shy animal, especially towards people it had not seen before.

“Sometimes, when I try to hold it, it would run away,” he said.

Clearly, Remos was not just a handsome goat, it was shy too as Bernama’s efforts to photograph it with Ahmad were unsuccessful. – Bernama