Old age no barrier to getting inoculated

Tingau receives her first dose of Covid-19 vaccine (Sinovac) during the outreach programme.

BINTULU: It has been noted that old age is not an obstacle for anyone who wishes to get immunised by getting injected with the Covid-19 vaccine.

The fact that two octogenarians were among the 413 individuals receiving their first dose of Covid-19 vaccines (Sinovac) on Saturday was a testament of this.

Both took the opportunity to get their jabs under the Bintulu health office and Tatau health clinic’s outreach programme.

The two octogenarians, Ganya Unau, 88, and 86-year-old Tingau Jaring arrived at the community hall accompanied by their respective family members.

Ganya (seated) being accompanied by his son-in-law Penghulu Sanok Magai during the vaccination.

The vaccination process which involved residents of 19 longhouses surrounding the Sungai Kakus, Tatau, was held at Punan community hall of Rumah Ado Lubok Kubong Kakus Tatau.

Both Ganya and Tingau were delighted in receiving their first dose of Covid-19 vaccines.

The outreach programme was part of Bintulu and Tatau health office initiatives to get as many people as possible getting inoculated without having to travel to vaccination centre at Tatau Sports Centre for the purpose.

Those getting inoculated at the Punan community hall at Rumah Ado Lubok Kubong Kakus Tatau.

Meanwhile, community leaders from Tatau, applauded the initiative for bringing the vaccines to the people living in the rural areas.

“To those living in the rural areas and senior citizens, please do not fall for Covid-19 vaccine misinformation,” said Tuai Rumah Robert Nuing, who was one of the community leaders at the premises.

He added, they should not be easily swayed by fake news from irresponsible people about Covid-19 vaccine and its side effects.

“For me, I had completed two doses, and I have not experienced any side effect from the vaccine,” he pointed out.

Thus, he hoped that more rural folk would step forward to get their vaccine jabs at the facility during the outreach programme.

“We must protect our family and the community, so please get your jabs,” he added.