Old man missing in forest found

Jampong was found by the SAR team on Sunday.

SIBU: Jampong Jawi, 70, from Rumah Belayong, Nanga Dap, Kanowit was found by a Search and Rescue (SAR) team after two days of search.

Jampong went into the forest on Friday but late that day when he should have returned, he was still not home.

Worried for his safety, his family contacted the fire department.

The day he went to the forest, Jampong was wearing a white t-shirt and short pants, and brought along machetes to look for jungle produce.

The SAR team led by PBK I Allok, consisted of four firemen, three police personnel and five villagers from Rumah Belayong.

At 11.08am yesterday, the victim was located by the SAR team in a weakened but safe condition.

The victim was brought to the police for his statement before he was taken to hospital.