James Masing

We were ‘robbed’ before, surely not for the second time

KUCHING: Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Dr James Jemut Masing is entirely against the creation of the Majlis Pengurusan Komuniti Kampung (MPKK) by the Federal government, saying it’s an attempt to interfere with Sarawak affairs.

The Parti Rakyat Sarawak president said Sarawak already had enough of interference by Malaya over the years.

James Masing

“First they rob our assets to build their infrastructure and enrich themselves. Now they want to control our souls. We had been made fools for 56 years. Enough is enough. Please, fellow Sarawakians,” Masing told to the New Sarawak Tribune yesterday.

The deputy chief minister, who also holds the Infrastructure and Ports Development portfolio, was asked to comment on Sarawak PKR secretary Vernon Kedit’s statement that the appointment of chairpersons of MPKK was for the benefit of the rural communities.

Besides Kedit, Sarawak Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Chong Chieng Jen also commented on the proposed appointment yesterday.

According to Chong, the appointment was to facilitate the communication and implementation of federal initiatives and programmes for the benefits of the people.

In response, Masing said the PH government can disseminate their information and policies through electronic media, printed media, information department and many other agencies within its control.

He said the PH government had 100 per cent control of RTM TV channels to the total exclusion of Sarawak state government.

“Don’t tell me these means of disseminating information aren’t enough? The way I see it, MPKK’s sole purpose is to break the Dayak community.

“It’s a pity some Sarawakians, due to their need for positions, choose to ignore the oldest trick in history of divide and rule by those in power to control us,” he pointed out.

Masing said the local government is under the ambit of the Sarawak government, therefore there is nothing wrong for it to exercise its authority in the matter of the appointment of community leaders.

“We act according to the law, but they exercise their power in this “putar belit” (twisting) manner which confuses the people.

“We were made fools of once, shame on me; but made fools twice shame on you, Putrajaya,” said Masing.