One Medicare reiterates commitment to giving best service in coronavirus fight

One of the quarantine stations and PKRCs prepared and operated by One Medicare.

KUCHING: One Medicare Sdn Bhd, as a hospital support service company, is committed to giving the best service to every hospital and quarantine centre in Sarawak throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to its chief executive officer, Sazali Tuah Neli, to date, clinical waste has increased drastically since the pandemic broke out and influenced by the increased opening of quarantine stations and low risk treatment and quarantine centres (PKRC).

One of the quarantine stations and PKRCs prepared and operated by One Medicare.

He added the company had increased its clinical waste collection schedule from three times a week to five times.

“It is an additional responsibility for us to ensure quarantine stations and PKRCs are always managed and running smoothly.

“This also opens up opportunities for the company to highlight its ability and commitment in delivering services to hospitals, especially during this pandemic.”

One Medicare also supplied 96,739 sheets to staff, the public and for the use as bedding at PKRCs.

“If the cases continue to increase, health capacity will be at a critical level and will have a negative impact on the delivery of public health services as a whole and this is something to be avoided.

“I would like to remind everyone, even though we have been vaccinated, that self-care such as wearing face masks and physical distancing should still be practiced.”

To date, One Medicare has successfully assisted the Ministry of Health in opening and operating 108 quarantine stations and 53 PKRCs statewide.