A major rival to Apple’s beloved AirPods earphones has just been given an update: Jabra has announced the successor to the Elite 65t true wireless earphones.
The Jabra Elite 75t is smaller, and features a bigger battery and more comfortable fit than its predecessor. The earbuds arrive in mid-October for 199 dollars in the US and 199 euros in Europe.
While the Elite 75t doesn’t boast one standout feature that will turn heads, the sheer number of changes should allow it to compete with the growing number of similar earphones that have since appeared in the true wireless market.

Jabra has managed to significantly shrink the size of both the earbuds and the charging case, making it easier to store in your bag or pocket
The Jabra Elite 75t has a smaller footprint, bigger battery and a more comfortable fit than its predecessor.

Smaller, snugger

With its passive noise cancellation, button controls for playback, voice assistant and a hear-through function, as well as a dedicated app for modifying the sound, the previous Jabra Elite 65t was often recommended to Apple users who wanted more from their AirPods.
Now, Jabra has managed to significantly shrink the size of both the earbuds and the charging case, making it easier to store in your bag or pocket, and also more subtle to wear than the rather bulky 65t.

The addition of magnetic holders in the case might seem like a small one, but it means you can turn the case upside-down and the earbuds won’t fall out – no more looking for lost earbuds on the street.
Unlike the previous generation, the earbuds now also snugly snap into the case, just like the Apple AirPods.
Jabra says it has also managed to extend battery life by 7.5 hours, to a total listening time of up to 28 hours, which is impressive given the drastically smaller size of the charging case, which can now be opened with one hand.

The addition of USB-C charging will also be welcomed by anyone with a modern Android smartphone. No noise cancelling, no wireless charging Jabra has opted not to add active noise cancelling, something featured on new earbuds from Sony and Libratone, as well as Huawei’s new AirPods imitation.

Jabra says its market feedback showed that users were happy enough with the passive noise cancelling offered by earbuds that block sounds with a snug fit.
Announcing the product at the IFA tech fair in Berlin, Jabra says it used models from thousands of scanned ears from its hearing aid sister company ReSound to build an earbud that fits the widest possible range of users.

One feature that we’d still like to see, however, is wireless charging, something that Apple, Samsung and other brands have integrated into the case. – dpa