Online PdP – new norm among lecturers

Mohd Huzaifah conducts online PdP.

KUCHING: Online teaching and learning (PdP) is considered as one of the new normal practices among lecturers and students to replace face-to-face PdP as part of efforts to break the Covid-19 chain.

According to Mira Faizura, a lecturer at a technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institution, lecturers should be wise to apply applications such as Google Meet, Zoom and Teams Meeting as an online learning medium.

“In addition, lecturers can also use digital learning applications such as Kahoot, Google Classroom, Canva and so on to attract students’ attention,” she added.

Another lecturer, Azreen Jafaar said he uploaded various practical tutorial videos for his students on the Youtube channel so that they could access the relevant videos at any time.

Meanwhile, Mohd Huzaifah Abdullah said lecturers should be wise to provide learning materials, which can attract interests and be understood by students.

Students practising electrical wiring.

According to him, the existing learning materials should be modified and improved to suit online delivery.

“Also, lecturers need to be more creative and innovative, especially in ICT and multimedia technology,” he pointed out.

These lecturers unanimously agreed that the students are having some financial difficulties in getting internet access as well as gadgets for PdP online activities.

To overcome these problems, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) on Jan 26 announced various initiatives to help ease the burden of students.

Among them are the Data Plan and Device Package for students in the B40 group as well as financial loans under the BSN MyRinggit-i Comsis Scheme for the purchase of laptops.

Additionally, the ministry also initiated the launch of crowdfunding through Tabung Prihatin Siswa as a platform to invite outsiders together with the ministry to help alleviate the difficulties of students who need to continue PdP activities without constraint.