Onus on everyone to avoid infection in endemic phase

Dr Annuar Rapaee

KUCHING: The onus is on members of the public to avoid being infected in the endemic phase of Covid-19, said Dr Annuar Rapaee.

The Education, Science and Technological Research Assistant Minister said, “The government will continue to provide medicines and treatments but most of the responsibilities are on the individuals themselves.

“We have provided the vaccines and an intervention such as the movement control orders (MCOs) were necessary as we didn’t have the vaccines back then.

“But now we are vaccinated, we need a different approach. Now we have to be flexible as we have some form of protection,” he said in a livestream on Saturday (Sept 18).

Dr Annuar said since the vaccines did not offer 100 percent protection from Covid-19, the standard operating procedures (SOPs) were needed along with some of understanding of the transition period to the endemic phase.

The Nangka assemblyman pointed out that while Sarawak was recording among the highest Covid-19 cases nationwide, its hospital bed and intensive care unit (ICU) usage were not the highest.

“The high cases are due to the Delta variant as most of our districts are affected. We need to understand the data as a whole and not cherry pick figures that do not reflect the situation.

“It is not fair to only highlight our shortcomings but also we need to highlight other figures as we know our frontliners have been working hard,” he said.

Dr Annuar said aside from the Delta variant, the high Covid-19 cases might also be attributed to the waning effectiveness of the vaccines.

“That is why I personally support the need for a booster vaccine dose but the question is which type of vaccines will be used for the recipients.

“Will the Pfizer recipients get another dose of Pfizer vaccine or Sinovac recipients getting another dose of Sinovac vaccine? That one I leave to the experts,” he said.