Open Letter – Don’t take things for granted!


My dear friends,

These are times for reflection and deep thoughts.

Everything has been turned upside down. What we took for granted is gone or fast disappearing.  It is as if, a carpet is being pulled away from under us.

We are now suspicious of others, even people who are blood relations, our loved ones, our colleagues, our friends and all those in our community who come into contact with us. The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown an invisible wall around us, creating a chasm so deep and wide, we can’t even traverse or cross it.

My friends, we are in unchartered waters and we don’t know what lies beyond the horizon. It is as if anything could happen at any moment.

Clearly, nothing is normal anymore.  This new situation is said to be the new normal. Well, it is not normal at all! It is an aberration, an unwelcomed change, a sudden jolt of shock, a withdrawal of comfort, ease and safety which we have taken for granted all the while. But these are the effects of something that we need to understand the causation of.

We know that whatever we enjoy, experience and take for granted as always being there for us are in fact something given to us. The whole ecosystem that allows us to live in this world, to survive here and experience what life has to offer, did not come by accident.  It is too complex and too perfect and balanced to have happened by happenstance.  So we need to reflect deeply and long, try to decipher and understand what may have gone wrong.

The root cause lies in the statement made earlier, namely we have taken things for granted.  We have forgotten or have wilfully ignored the sublime reality behind all things. We forgot where we came from and where we will be going to after this sojourn on Earth.

So this so called new normal is a blessing in disguise. It is a reminder not to take things for granted. It’s a reminder to take deep reflections and to change where we have gone wrong. We need to get back to the path from which we have deviated from. We have been lost in the woods, and need to retrace our steps back to where we were, namely on the right tract.

Do not despair or lose hope.  A loving hand has been extended our way. A voice is calling and asking us to return to the right path from which we deviated from.  Reciprocate and return the embrace and we’ll be back to the situation we should be in from the very beginning, namely on the right path.

Your fellow traveller,