KOTA SAMARAHAN: Skills training is one of the main thrusts in the state’s human capital development, says Transportation assistant minister Datuk Dr Jerip Susil.

He made the remark in his speech during a dialogue and exhibition on drugs and dengue at SG Academy Sarawak here yesterday.

“In the next five to 10 years,
there will be a lot of shortages of skills-trained professionals,” he added.

“We already received indication that the hotel industry would be short of skills-trained staff.

“We received requests from SEGiUniversity for example, asking young people to finish their Form Five and be trained in culinary and hotel management.”

Dr Jerip, who is also Parti Sarawak Bersatu deputy president, pointed out that “we are already lacking in skills-trained professionals to fill up jobs such as wiring and air-conditioner servicing.”

“I feel that it is important to outline the efforts that are being
done by SG Academy to offer skills-based courses as it affords opportunities to the newer generation,especially to those who are not performing academically,” he added.

He revealed that personally, he aimed to promote skills training and that he worked closely with skills training colleges to promote their courses.

“I am not inclined to any particular college, so any college that needs my help to promote their courses, we can synergise our efforts together,” he assured.

“This is one way for us to develop the nation and our state together, so that our newer generation would not be unemployed.”

Dr Jerip hoped that with these efforts, the newer generation would have a sense of direction of where they would head next after leaving school. “It is important that they know the options that they have for their future careers.”