The Professional Courses academic team comprising Fung (left) and other experienced and qualified lecturers.

KUCHING:A new arrangement between CPA Australia (professional accounting body) and Swinburne Sarawak will provide the opportunity for students of the university to shorten their time required to complete the CPA Professional Examinations.

The arrangement, which came into effect in September this year, allows students majoring in accounting or accounting and finance to enjoy the Fast Track Pathway.

Students can register as an associate member of CPA Australia and sit for three professional papers while pursuing their degree at the same time.

The papers are Ethics and Governance, Strategic Management Accounting, as well as Financial Reporting.

Students can complete the remaining three papers after completing their degree. This translates to completing their CPA in a year and a half only upon graduating.

Swinburne Sarawak Campus is the only tuition provider for the CPA Programme in East Malaysia. Providing support for students to excel in the Australian accounting examinations, the tuition classes comprise education segments and integrated workplace learning.

It runs for six weeks over the weekends and includes a series of lectures and workshops that will lead to the CPA Professional Examinations.

Swinburne’s Dean of Faculty of Business, Design and Arts Professor Dr Lee Miin Huui said CPA Australia is one of the professional accountancy bodies recognised by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA).

“Members of CPA Australia are eligible to become company auditors and practising accountants upon fulfilling the practical experience requirements of MIA. Graduates who possess additional professional qualification, such as CPA Australia, will have a competitive edge in seeking employment,” said Lee.

Meanwhile, senior lecturer and course director of Professional Courses Dr Fung Chorng Yuan said that the three papers offered under the Fast Track Pathway could be taken without much interruption to the degree programme.

“The majority of the classes will be conducted between the semesters. Hence, students can focus on both the CPA programme and degree programme at different times. This will help the students to better manage their studies,” he said.

Swinburne offers two intakes for the CPA Programme in February and August. Those who require more information can email

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