Opposition expected to be more mature following MoU

Datuk Peter Minos

KUCHING: Datuk Peter Minos says allocating development funds to the opposition is reasonable if the Sarawak government has the resources.

He was responding to a call by non-governmental organisation Rise of Social Efforts on adopting a policy of allocating development funds to opposition lawmakers, on Friday (Sept 17).

At the same time, he would expect opposition leaders to be more responsible and mature.

“The federal government is currently experimenting with the opposition through a recent memorandum of understanding (MoU), in the hopes that the collaborative effort will succeed, after which our state government would follow and replicate,” said the political observer.

“Using the United Kingdom as an example, its opposition parties are labelled as ‘responsible opposition’ since they propose and advocate ideas that benefit the people and the country.

“I hope this time the opposition will be more mature and accountable, otherwise nothing will ever work, not even the MoUs.”

The Kota Samarahan Municipal Council chairman also advised both the ruling and opposition coalitions to be motivated by the same goal, which is to prioritise what is best for the country and citizens.