KUCHING: The recently-concluded DUN sitting clearly showed one thing — that Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) state assembly members were brave and smart in countering allegations and provocations from the opposition.

Political analyst Datuk Peter Minos said GPS DUN members stood their ground, with the chief minister leading the pack valiantly.

“The opposition members from the Malaya-based Pakatan Harapan (PH) got pushed into a corner,” he said in a recent interview.

On the state budget, Minos said it will be a surplus one, pointing out that the revenue will be there to more than meet the development and operating expenditures.

According to Minos, there is no such thing as Sarawak revenue coming from thin air as alleged by DAP.

“Attempts at defaming the chief minister were very bad,” Minos said, adding a calm and composed chief minister made the DAP lawmakers look like schoolboys.

Minos said using the DUN immunity to defame and abuse others was an abusive act and ungentlemanly.

“If DAP dares to say outside the DUN the defamatory words, both the chief minister and Datuk JC Fong will surely sue. Nobody can defame another with impunity.

“It is as ugly and shameful to say even inside DUN that Sarawak would get bankrupt. It is as if you want to see Sarawak go bankrupt,” added Minos.

He said the PH government did hurtful things to Sarawak, like cutting funds to already approved projects. Minos said the Malayan political disease must not be allowed to take roots in Sarawak.

He called on the GPS government to not only continue with its development plans and not get distracted by the opposition, but to also take affirmative action to stem the spread of the “Malayan political disease”.