Ordered to compensate buyers

Sarawak House Purchaser's Claim Tribunal (TTPRS) President Peter Lin Thiam Seng (centre) with TTPRS Panel members Alhadi Ibrahim (left) and Robert Elone Sireng (right) at a press conference after the hearing session. Photo: Ramidi Subari

Housing developers

KUCHING: Four housing developers have been ordered by the Sarawak Housing Buyers Claims Tribunal to compensate eight claimants to the tune of RM 134,696.

Tribunal panellist Robert Elone Sireng said the decision was made after the cases were heard today.

“The developers are Sentoria Borneo Sdn Bhd, Ikram Suria Sdn Bhd, Lien Dak Development Sdn Bhd and Libing Sdn Bhd.

“The cases were filed over the delay of the handing over of the property and defects on the property,” he said after the hearing at the old State Legislative Assembly building in Petra Jaya here.

The Tribunal also ordered its engineer to inspect the defects of the houses.

“All parties, including the purchaser, developer and engineer from the Tribunal, will jointly inspect the property.

“Once they have agreed on the defects, the developer will rectify.”

On the issue of delay, he said it was regarding the handing over of the property and the common facility.

“The claim for common facility includes facilities provided by developer such as swimming pool and gym.

“The total award for common facility is eight percent from the 20 percent of the purchasing unit price.

“The award for the delay hand over of the unit property claim is 20 percent of the purchase price,” he added.

The cases were read before three panellists, including Peter Lim Thiam Seng and Alhadi Ibrahim.

Three complaints against Ikram Suria were filed under delay of handing over of the single-storey terrace house.

There were two cases against Sentoria, each was filed for work defects and delay on handing over of a single-storey corner terrace house.

For Lien Dak Development, all three cases were regarding the delay of handing over of the Soho suite plus apartment unit, tagging along the file suit of its common facility claim.

One work defect was charged against Libing, involving an apartment unit.