Organic soap for sensitive skin

The prices of the soaps range from RM10 and above.

KUCHING: Due to skin sensitivity and difficulty in finding the best body care products, a local woman Teh Ik Pei had to start her own business producing organic handcrafted soap.

Teh shows her handcrafted soap at the Sunday Preloved Market.

Starting from scratch at home, Teh is now a successful soap maker and running her business called The Bare Soap.

Teh said she has tried all kinds of products and was unable to find a suitable one for her skin type. That gave her the idea to learn how to make soap.

“I learn how to make soap for about half a year, and then produced 50kg of it at my home.

“It suited my skin and then I also gave some to my friends to try. They loved it and asked me to sell it. So that’s how I started this soap business,” she told New Sarawak Tribune when met at the Sunday Preloved Market event held at the Old Court House Kuching on Sunday.

She said she has been in the business for the past two years, and her product is not only marketed in Sarawak, but also shipped to countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.

“I have customers buying soap from me and then sending it to America and New Zealand,” she said.

She disclosed that her soap consists of ingredients such as olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter.

“I also add natural herbs such as South African leaf, Mexican Mint, Soursop leaf and other herbs which I planted at home,” she said.

Regarding oil required for the soap, she purchases quality ones from local supermarkets and sometimes from Kuala Lumpur.

In just two years in the business, Teh has already produced more than 20 types of soap with different natural ingredients.

“These soaps can also be used on the face, and each type has different functions with some suitable for oily skin, dry skin, acne and more,” she said.

Uniquely, Teh’s soap not only come in one square size but has other beautiful shapes and designs made using cake moulds.

“It takes me about two to three hours to produce a batch of soap. However I cannot sell it straight away as it needs to rest for a month or two to let the pH level drop to neutral,” she said, adding that she uses cold process to produce the soap.

She said in a month she would produce five to 10kg of soaps, and the price varies. For 55gm the cost is RM12 each and RM20 for 100gm.

“In a month I usually earn up to RM200 a month by selling the soap online, but when I join local events, I can earn RM800 a month.

“Soap business is not a fast profit-making business, but most importantly I want to give my customers quality products to ease their skin problems,” she said. 

Teh said her products were suitable for various skin types and could be used not only by adults but also babies aged 18 months and above.

“Valentine’s Day is near. We do have special gift sets for customers who want them for their loved ones,” she said.

Valentine’s Day soaps can be given as gifts to loved ones on Feb 14.

Those interested to know more about Teh’s soap can visit her Facebook page at The Bare Soap or contact her at 016-8573383.