Out-of-control car almost ends up in ditch

The driver of this car in a ditch at Sungai Merah town traffic light intersection got out safely.

SIBU: A 23-year-old man escaped without injuries after his car skidded to the edge of a ditch near Sungai Merah town traffic light intersection on Thursday night (Mar 25).

A spokesperson from the State Fire Department operations centre said they received a distress call around 8.40pm and firemen from Sungai Merah were despatched the scene.

The firemen found that the car was indeed tilting on its side on the edge of a flooded ditch.

It is said that the driver was not injured and in fact managed to get out without causing the car to slide further into the ditch.

As such, the firemen only monitored the incident and ensured that the situation was safe before going back to their station.