Outsiders banned from many longhouses

Villagers from Rumah Ulen Nanga Tekalit Sangan Tatau point to a notice board banning outsiders from visiting their longhouse.

BINTULU: After a Covid-19 positive case was detected in Tatau district recently and announced on Jan 24 by the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC), most of the longhouses in this district have imposed tighter movement restrictions to curb the spread of Covid-19.

A roadblock has been set up by the police near the Rumah Peter Bansa Sungai Annau, Tatau to prevent anyone who does not have any permit from the authority from entering or leaving the area.

A meeting of the Tatau Disaster Management Committee, chaired by Tatau District officer, Barayan Lenya and attended by officers from relevant authorities, namely the police, health officers, Fire & Rescue Department, Rela and the Malaysian Civil Defence force (APM) today (Jan 25), revealed that most of the longhouses had put notice boards banning outsiders from visiting their longhouses.

The Tatau Disaster Management Committee meeting today.

Meanwhile, a local community leader, Pemanca Gerosen Jubin reminded longhouse folk to always observe the standard operating procedures (SOP) imposed by the Ministry of Health to ensure everybody was safety from the virus.

“Avoid mass gatherings in your respective longhouses, always wash your hands with soaps and practise social distancing,” he advised.

A policeman manning a roadblock near Rumah Peter Bansa, Sungai Annau Tatau.